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November 6, 2000

I will soon have a pre-season awards to get you to know some of what some of this players does best! Also, I will be updating my Player Rankings soon, and finally, take notice, My e-mail address will change because I am joining Netzero. So it will be ""

(Thanks Threedee for your help) Since I finally have the time to work on this site, The CHSAA A and B pages are updated plus My top 20 teams are updated too. They all can be found on the next page! Enjoy!
Last year's seniors thats going to play College ball in the 2000-01 season.
A last look at the Class of 2000!

Omar Cook 6'1 St. John's

Taliek Brown 6'1 UConn

Andre Barrett 5'9 Seton Hall

Zach Williams 6'7 Ohio State

Peter Mulligan 6'5 Md.-Baltimore County

Michael Boynton 6'2 South Carolina

Kyle Cuffe 6'8 St. John's

Andre Sweet 6'6 Duke

Terrance Watkins 6'3 Long Beach State

Darryl Boykins 6'2 St. Peter's

Kevin Fitzgerald 6'3 Boston University

Charles Henson 6'8 Iona

Alexy Ferreira 6'3 Coppin State

Darnell Miller 6'3 George Washington

Juma Allen 6'5 Wagner

Steve Hartwig 6'4 Stony Brook

Kevin O'Connell 5'10 Trinity

Mike Radziejewski 6'5 Hofstra

Edmund Turkson 5'8 Stonehill

Robert Wiatre 5'10 Prep School

Sean O'Keefe 6'3 West Point

Ozzie Oyazha 6'3 Molloy

Din Tolbert 6'8 Cornell

Steve Poinsett 6'6 Curry

William Modeste 6'0 Monroe CC

Matt Augustin 5'11 St. Francis-PA

James Hauser 6'2 New York University

Omar Malcolm 6'4 Riverside JC

Brendan Burke 6'3 New York University

Ed O'Neill 5'10 Virginia State

Dwayne Thompson 6'5 Adelphi

Tom McCormack 5'10 Belmont Abbey

Michael Klingele 6'3 Scranton

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